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"I love Math all the time. I'm studying multiplication and I am very good at it because of Kumon"
Ahmed, Bahrain

Kumon & school

Kumon offers supplementary education for children of all ages and abilities. Our focus is on supporting long-term learning and ensuring that each child studies at the level that's best for them. Whilst the programmes are international and as such not specific to any one country's curriculum, they work well alongside all school curricula to build core maths and English skills.

Consolidation and progression

The Kumon programmes take a linear format, with students advancing through the worksheets topic by topic. For example, each child will develop a thorough grounding in addition before moving on to subtraction. Rather than being pressured to attain a certain level, emphasis is placed on students understanding each topic and consolidating their study skills before moving on. Every step in the programme therefore builds on previously acquired knowledge, and students are continually challenged by attempting work a little above their current level.

A world leader in supplementary education

The Kumon programmes have been developed over the last 50 years by dedicated instructional teams working across four continents. Content is revised and honed by academics and professionals with postgraduate qualifications in maths, English, linguistics and other related fields.