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The Kumon Method

Toru Kumon, who created the Kumon method of learning thought that every child has almost limitless potential, given the right support and conditions. Our method of learning helps children to reach their potential through:

Success from the start

Your child will begin at a level they are comfortable with, determined by an assessment at enrolment. By completing easier work in the initial stages of study your child will achieve from the start, building confidence from a solid foundation.

Advancing step-by-step

From this easy starting point your child will progress steadily, completing a short piece of work every day. They will study at their own pace, and at each stage work will be tailored to their individual needs. Every new assignment will be slightly more challenging than the last, and with this gradual progression, your child will be able to acquire the solid study skills they need to become an advanced learner.

Speed + accuracy = mastery

Through focused and directed study, your child will learn to master each topic. They will need to complete their work with a certain degree of speed and accuracy before they can move on to the next level. This not only builds a growing sense of achievement, but enables your child to tackle more challenging work with confidence.

Learning independently

Securing a better future for your child means fostering the knowledge and skills they need for school as well as adult life. Each new piece of work builds steadily on abilities acquired earlier, encouraging your child to take responsibility for their learning. By studying independently, they will be able to develop as learners and achieve their potential.