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Little and often

To get the most out of their Kumon study and to advance steadily through the programme, your child will do a little piece of work every day. By studying regularly at their 'just right' level, your child will progress in maths and English whilst developing excellent self-study skills.

At the centre

Your child will usually study one day a week in their local centre, and six days a week at home. At the centre, your instructor will select suitable work for your child and will monitor their progress, providing targeted support and feedback.

At home
You will need to mark and grade your child's work on the days they study at home. This input is vital to the success of your child's study, and will mean they learn from their corrections daily. Praise and encouragement are also invaluable - so don't forget to recognise your child's efforts and the progress they are making.

The Kumon Triangle
Our students succeed through their own efforts, but that success is made possible by a partnership between the student, their instructor and their parents - the Kumon Triangle. With your instructor's guidance and your own support, your child has a framework for achievement. Together, we form a winning team!