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"Kumon taught me how to deal with frustration... It taught me how to think outside the box"
Elham, Bahrain


March 2018 


Wednesday 7th March2018, Welcome Wednesday


Sunday 11th March2018, Parent Evening, Location: Janabiya Branch, Language: English     

Monday 12th March2018, Parent Evening, Location:  Mahooz Branch, Language: English

Tuesday 13th March2018, Parent Evening, Location: Sanad Branch, Language: Arabic


Sunday 18th March2018, Diagnostic Test, Location: Sanad Branch 

Monday 19th March2018, Parent Evening, Location: Sanad  Branch , Language: Arabic 

Wednesday 21st March2018, Diagnostic Test, Location: Janabiya And Mahooz Branches 


Saturday 24th March2018, CKSA Class 

Sunday 25th March2018, Diagnostic Test, Location: Sanad Branch 

Monday 26th March2018, Parent Evening, Location: Mahooz Branch , Language: English 

Tuesday 27th March2018, Parent Evening, Location: Mahooz Branch , Language: English 

Wednesday 28th March2018, Diagnostic Test, Location: Janabiya And Mahooz Branches