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The Kumon Maths Programme

Maths, physics, chemistry ... shopping lists, tax returns, travel ...

Kumon originated as a Maths programme back in 1954. Today, the programme still leads our students from the very basics of counting to calculus and beyond, all without the use of calculators.

The core programme is divided into 21 levels, each containing 200 worksheets. Completers of the core programme have the option to go on and study an elective course, level X.

Core Programme

Levels Contents
7A-5A Counting and developing fine motor skills
4A      The numbers up to 220 and writing numbers up to 120
3A-A   Mental addition and subtraction
B-D    Vertical addition and subtraction, mental and long multiplication and division
E-F     Four operations with fractions
G-J     Linear and quadratic equations, simultenous equations, factorisation
K-L     Maxima and minima, derivatives and integrals of polynomial functions
M       Trigonometric functions, equations of lines and circles
N       Sequences and series, limits and functions
O       Calculus, differential equations

Elective Course

Level Contents
X       Triangles, vectors, matrices, mappings, probability, statistics