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The Kumon English Programme

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The ability to process written information is essential in our everyday lives. And the more accomplished your child is at this, the better they will do at school and the more opportunities they will have in the future.

Our English programme has two central aims:

  • to develop each child's ability to read and understand a wide variety of language
  • to nuture in each child a life-long habit of reading for both education and enjoyment

The English programme has 18 levels, containing 200 or 400 worksheets. Our popular Recommended Reading List also motivates students to develop their skills and expand their interests by encouraging a wide range of reading.

Core Programme

Levels Contents
7A-6A Pre-reading skills
5A-2A Letters of the alphabet, vowel and consonant combinations; spelling patterns; basic grammar
A-C    Punctuation, simple sentences; grammar, sentence structures; synthesising information
D-F    Complex sentences, direct and indirect speech; paragraph structures; clauses, paraphasing and concision
G-I    Text structure, persuasion, interpretation and summarising
J-L     Elements of critique, text analysis