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"I teach older children and can always tell in a maths lesson which child does Kumon through their confidence and mental maths skills"

Kumon by Distance Learning

Distance is no barrier for Kumon

Kumon Bahrain hosts the largest and longest established Distance Learning centre in the area. Our students range from as far as Sweden to Pakistan and all areas in-between. Distance is no barrier for Kumon.

The dedicated Distance Learning team will guide you through the same programme as students who attend classes. The main difference in studying Kumon by Distance Learning is that you will not attend the weekly class, individualised work will be couriered directly to you on a monthly basis and you will report back with weekly scores.


What do you need to succeed with Kumon by Distance Learning?

Firstly you need dedication. As with all Kumon courses, correspondence is a DAILY, LONG TERM programme. If you have dedication in both parent and student the Distance Learning programme will be very successful for your progression towards excellence.

Secondly you will need technology. Nowadays we are fortunate that technology surrounds us making communication easy and accessible. You can use email, fax, SMS, blackberry, postal service, courier and, of course, telephone. Our dedicated Distance Learning team is available to assist you with all related issues.

How do you start with Kumon by Distance Learning?

Simply email your name, student's details, physical address (not P.O.Box) and mobile phone number, additional information is useful such as special talents or needs. Once this has been received we will send you diagnostic tests, from here onward the Kumon programme will be individualised and tailored to each student.

The majority of our present correspondence students are attaining Advance Student Role status, which means they are studying above school level.

So be encouraged that you can also excel ......

Contact us on:

Tel: 00973 17005472

Mobile: 00973 39872725 (8 A.M. -1 P.M.)